China sold 25% of the world's industrial robots

In China accounted for a quarter of global sales of industrial robots. According to the results of 2005-2014 years. the Chinese market for industrial robotics grew annually by an average of 32.9%.

Expected in 2017,. the world market for industrial robots, robots, robots, special-purpose and intended for maintenance, reaches $ 75 billion.
Earlier it was reported that for two consecutive years, China goes on the world's largest market for industrial robots. So, in 2014,. China sold to 57000 these machines. This figure is 55% higher than 2013 g. In particular, the results of last year, China sold 16945 industrial robots made in China. It is at 76.6% more than a year earlier. In addition, the Chinese market realized about 40000 robots manufactured abroad with growth at 47% year-on-year comparison. From the specified volume of approximately 48% of the machines involved in the automotive industry, 23% in production of electronic products, another 9%-recyclable metals.
Chinese industrial robots are used in 29 sectors. They became the most popular in the issuance of electronic and electrical equipment-respectively 23% and 16% of the total sales of these machines.
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