UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  1. Standard cover sheet with integral indicators of the project (such as NPV, IRR, PI, PBP, etc.) and performance of the final product;
  2. List of project documentation with registration Nos. and dates of release;
  3. Application of the Union address "Russian-Chinese Friendship and cooperation" House for inclusion of the project in investment on the register project financing with a guarantee of money back, with interest, zajmodatelû;
  4. Funding requests addressed to the investing bodies (samples);
  5. Business plan (a brief feasibility study) project created by Project Expert (Excel, Alt-Invest) with a graphical display of cash financial flows, "Cash Flow";
  6. Confirm ensure enterprise commodity resources (own raw materials supply contract, letter of intent to supply raw materials and other evidence);
  7. Confirmation of sale of products or services (contracts, letters of intent);
  8. Summary of the business applicant (Due Diligence: financial and legal due diligence);
  9. A summary of the management team (management) company-applicant;
  10. Copies of the Charter and of the certificate of State registration of the enterprise;
  11. A copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authority of the enterprise;
  12. Copies of balance sheets at least past five reporting periods;
  13. Help on the financial status of the enterprise (with credit history);
  14. Card companies with legal entities and bank details;
  15. Color copies passport of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION General Director and Chief Accountant;
  16. Letters of Administration of the region, together with an indication of the performance, investment indicators project, its relevance to the region's economy, as well as the allocation of land resources to the applicant under this project;
  17. A copy of the document on the availability of land and land allotment project;
  18. Description of the financial security (shares, stocks, promissory notes, DSS, security deposit, guarantee, project assessment at the Regional Chamber of industry and commerce, certificate of insurance);
  19. Protocol-guarantee the transfer 75% of the bail, pending investor (by arrangement with an investor or in the absence of other provisions of the monetary obligations);
  20. A copy of the building permit with a copy of the plan;
  21. A copy of the State environmental appraisal of the project documentation;
  22. Copy 2-3 examinations project from professional and leading research organizations;
  23. Copies of licenses, patents and documents on the use of know-how;
  24. Certificate from the Ministry of the Interior, bailiffs and Court of arbitration on the absence of claims against the company and instituted civil affairs;
  25. Guarantee of payment of Commission for obtaining loan authorized company according to the agreement on the training and expertise of the project documents and project management.
  26. The security plan of the investment project.