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So, instead of changing, Amber slips on some plastic pants for extra protection against leaks before putting on her little black dress.

Trainer Ashley has 8 gym badges under her belt, but potty training is still a work in progress.

She tapes on a thick Little Paws diaper and packs her backpack with everything a little big baby girl could need for an adventure. His playpen and blocks are lots of fun, but when it's time for a change he needs Mommy's help.

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Candy is a sweetheart bubblegum princess that likes to share her toys and make friends.

Lolette can't help but tease her by stealing her paci and hoarding all the toys for herself.

Lolette and Candy agreed to go to the Halloween party as diaper girls, but Candy is feeling shy. If there was ever a little big girl that needed diapers, it's candy.

When it's time to go Lolette is dressed head to toe in black, with a black Favine diaper to match! Doesn't she remember the puddle she made at last year's party??!

She gives you a peek under her dress to show off all that soft padding, smiling coyly while she crawls around with her toys, before taking her dress off all together.