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She works in Charleston, WV and specializes in Hematology/Oncology. Malik is affiliated with Charleston Area Medical Center Memorial Hospital and Charleston Area Medical Center Teays Valley Hospital.

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Matulis would allegedly perform colonoscopy procedures “at an extremely rapid rate, thus encouraging errors and mistakes,” the complaint states,“The egregious conduct by Defendant Matulis compounded with the greedy conduct of the Defendants [CAMC] and [the gastroenterologist center], endangered the safety of all of Defendant Matulis’ female patients, including Ms. CAMC spokesman Dale Witte did not respond to a message Saturday.

A lawsuit filed in November asks a judge to create a class of plaintiffs made up of all of Matulis’ female patients during the past six years.

Advertising also spurs hospitals to compete for patients by investing in providing better care and a broader range of services. Mary’s curtailed competition for years by agreeing to geographic limits on the marketing of competing healthcare services.

CAMC agreed not to place print or outdoor advertisements in Cabell County, West Virginia, and St.

Charleston Area Medical Center and Charleston Gastroenterologist Associates, which are both also being sued by Foster, allegedly knew Matulis was professionally impaired but allowed him to perform the colonoscopy procedures anyway.