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A Scorpio Dog personality is capable of barking and biting occasionally, and these are their two main character weaknesses.

When a Scorpio Dog barks and is grumpy, it will usually be when he or she is overtired.

First of all, if your going to really want something to happen with you and your love interest then you should start by giving her the benefit of the doubt.

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A Scorpio Dog is not disloyal; they are simply not as intensely loyal so as some personalities are.

These are nevertheless very expressive individuals who love to please.

They are not very forgiving, and will rarely give anyone a second chance.

Hey JT, I'm a Scorpio Dog Lady and after reading your story, just wanted to share some insight on what you are asking about.

Relaxing for the Scorpio Dog generally involves quiet activities or being a couch potato for a few hours.

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