Chat gr xxx - Dating advice for grad students

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Take up ALL the space in the chair (you can do this even if you are a small woman—it’s in the body language). Do not, under any circumstances, fuss with your hair, clothes, or jewelry. Women, work on any tendency to a high pitched nasal tone.

Speak in a lower register if you can—lower tones are the tones of authority, for better or worse.

Job market: paranoia is extremely unattractive and a major red flag signalling an immature candidate not ready for prime time. department signals how you will talk about your future department.

You may think that your dark insinuations of how “my project really offended some people in my department” make you look mysterious and desirable, but actually they make you look tiresome. And your future department wants a colleague who has a positive attitude.

Provide those, and chances are your “radical” perspective will get a balanced hearing. This is understandable, because their status is insecure.