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These groves went through the cold weather of early January exceedingly well.

The writer had the pleasure of viewing the Kraemer grove, with its manager and former owner, John Pursley. Leonard, real estate broker and owner of several beauty parlors in Tampa, is a trucker and country gentleman in Denham.

In 1879 a post office was established at Pleasant Plains, although it operated only briefly. On July 10, 1925, the Dade City Banner reported: Development aggregating several million dollars was announced Friday afternoon immediately after the sale of 640 acres of land including the town site of Denham to a syndicate of New York capitalists. The developers plan to bring their own organizations from the north to accomplish the work. (Information from the web site of First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes.) The first site of the Drexel Church of God was on U. While the Myrtle-Denham school was being built, the younger students attended school in the Lake View United Brethren Church building while the older ones continued studying at the Myrtle School. In 1949 the name Land O’ Lakes came into existence.

In 1883 a post office was established at Diston, although it was originally in Hillsborough County. The transaction represented $480,000 and was handled through the firm of Knight Bros. According to Mac Manus, Drexel had a Baptist church, Church of God, railroad station and agent, and water tower, but no cemetery. Myrtle-Denham School, built in 1934, was located on S. A discussion of the origin (and spelling) of the name Land O’ Lakes is here. Also in the summer of 1975 the Pasco County school system opened new offices on U. 41 in Land O’ Lakes, near the geographic center of the county. Chamber of Commerce Without definite bounds, but lying alongside the Hillsborough-Pasco county line for several miles, and intersected by State Road No.

Hernando County school board records from 1877-78 show that a school existed at Pleasant Plains. Umanoff, president of the Lee-Nest Construction Company, Jacob Wielenken, president of the Tappscott Construction Company, and Adolph Herzog, all of Jamaica, N. Property purchased by the New York men lies on both sides of State Road 5 and Highland Road No. It includes a portion of the shores of Lake Padgett, said to be one of the prettiest deep cypress lakes in Florida. In 1949 the church changed its name to Land O’ Lakes Baptist Church. According to Mac Manus, “When the one-room school at Myrtle got too crowded, a decision was made to build a larger, two-room structure to be named Myrtle-Denham School. It functioned until 1948 when its students were transferred to the newly opened Sanders Memorial School in Land O’ Lakes.