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Here are a few articles to help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it: Okay, I understand that you are very busy, and that churning out one blog post a month is not easy.

But really, the less you post, the less chance your newest post has any chance at gaining traction.

In Word Press you’ll see this form at the bottom of each post: That’s by far been the best plug in I’ve used.

especially the one with the arrow pointing at it: I understand the author isn’t writing for mobile. But the same rules that apply for mobile marketing copy…well, Hopefully you are on these sites, and hopefully you are being strategic about how you use these social sites to promote your content.

Every post you publish needs a boost from your social media presence.

So let’s call it what it is…when you look around at successful blogs…whatever industry or topic…there are several undeniable basics to success. Here are a few examples: Just because you’ve published a post doesn’t mean you should forget about it.

You can stop readers cold, however, if you write headlines that are unique, ultra-specific, useful or urgent.

I mean, if you want a blog that grows year after year, you have to start with the basics — namely, writing a killer blog post. The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!