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Northern Greeks: Thracians (Constantinopolitans) · Macedonians · Thessalians · Epirotes Southern Greeks: Peloponnesians (Maniots, Tsakonians) · Roumeliotes Eastern Greeks: Micrasiates (Smyrna, Aeolis, Ionia, Doris, Bithynia) Pontic · Cappadocians/Karamanlides Caucasus Greeks · Crimean Greeks Islanders: Cretans · Eptanesians · Cycladites · Dodecanesians · Samiotes · Ikariotes · Chiotes · Lemniotes · Lesvians Cypriots Other groups: Antiochians · Arvanites (Souliotes) · Egyptiotes · Grecanici Northern Epirotes · Romaniotes Sarakatsani · Slavophones Urums) are the inhabitants of the Mani Peninsula, Laconia, in the southern Peloponnese, Greece.

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During the Hellenistic period of Greece, Mani remained controlled by the Spartans.

The Macedonians under the command of Philip V of Macedon tried to invade Mani and Laconia (219 BC-218 BC) and unsuccessfully besieged the cities of Gythium, Las and Asine.

The Koinon consisted of 24 cities (later 18), of which Gythium remained the most prominent.

However, many parts of Mani remained under the also semi-independent Sparta, the most notable being Asine and Kardamyli.

Maniots are described as descendants of the ancient Dorian population of the Peloponnese and as such related to the ancient Spartans.