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The new term first swept the web in early 2017, sparking many daters to come forward and share their experiences. "They can have the paradoxical effect of making the person who receives them feel let down rather than gratified, but then, confused: Is one asking for too much?

These sporadic messages can be confusing for many singletons. "Should one feel satisfied with a smiley face or a series of exclamation marks or a string of emojis?

The Global Language Monitor's Annual Survey of Global English recently revealed the official word for 2014, and it's not even a word at all.

According to the survey, the heart emoji is the Top Word for 2014, beating out the entire canon of the English language, including Ebola and the Pope.

Fuck buddies more often than not represent the very problematic nature of hookup culture, in which sexual partners view one another through an emotionless lens. Thanks to technological advances, we're no longer comfortable using our words to articulate how we feel, and so we'd rather shut someone out without explanation than be honest and real.

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    Probation conditions can vary greatly by state and even by county.

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