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The man, it turned out, was a pimp who forced her to prostitute herself for several more days, until at last she was saved in an undercover police sting.The police reunited Destiny with her family, who had been searching for her frantically.When Destiny returned home, her father, Charles, noticed a clear change.

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Birds chirp as they wind among the loblolly pines that blanket the 110-acre expanse before you. Paddle boats and canoes are lined up at the dock on the ranch’s small lake.

It feels like a summer camp here; in fact, it once was.

“But we noticed that she was kind of subdued, reserved.

Like she didn’t have a trust for mankind.”It took a week before Destiny could bring herself to tell her parents what had happened. She stayed home from school for three months, and then the family moved, seeking a fresh start for Destiny in a new school. She started getting picked on and bullied by other girls.

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