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But I did apply, and before long I was a part of the nascent, and a couple months later Paul was as well, and a few years later he would meet my friend, Elisa, and, well, now we have a Grey.

Okay, I might joke that it was Michael Bay (with me, all roads lead to Michael Bay), but really it was Channel Awesome. I could never have anticipated back in 2008 that decision to apply to be “Nostalgia Chick” would have such a profound impact on my life.

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I’d been planning for a long, long time to launch new shows (like BYOA) that were more in line with what I always wanted to do with film theory and pop culture discussions. But either way, I thank you for sticking with me this long.

I’ll keep my work as an editor, write for other sites like, and I’ll also continue developing content with Maker, but exactly what form it will take?

The Next-to-the-last of the Noble Order of Gunslingers has fulfilled the requirements of his quest; now he and his traveling companions must figure out how to restore order to the remnants of the galactic empire.

Now that I’m officially Old©, I find myself more and more drawn to tracing patterns.

Since the pregnancy threatened her entire plan of becoming a force for progressive and feminist change, she instead decided to use the subsequent abortion as a vehicle for her Graduate Film Project. A project fueled by narcissism, where forlorn location shots and exposition by Lindsay is given most of the budget, while interviews with others look like a phone interview inside a comic con hotel room.