About us

"Russian-Chinese House of friendship and cooperation" was established in the year 2014 in order to facilitate international intercultural communications, relations of friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between the peoples of Russia and the people's Republic of China.

Tasks Of The Union:

  • creating favourable conditions for the exchange of experiences, the realization of the economic, creative and scientific capabilities;
  • facilitating information exchange and deepen business ties to Russia and China;
  • development of business, scientific and technical cooperation, to establish long-term reliable relationships between citizens, their associations and organizations of Russia and China;
  • participation in public international relations and external economic activity.
  • improving the efficiency of trade-economic and investment cooperation of Ivanovo region and the people's Republic of China.


  • cooperation with international and national governmental and non-governmental organizations and foundations on matters within the competence of the Union;
  • assist participants of bilateral economic relations;
  • Organization of financing of projects and programs in their field of activity;
  • participate in establishing linkages with national and international organizations of the people's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, working in the field of education and culture;
  • maintenance in accordance with the established procedure of publishing and advertising activities;
  • implementation of production and economic activity through created by enterprises with the rights of a legal person, to ensure the implementation of statutory tasks;
  • Organization of reception and service of foreign delegations from China, as well as contributing towards delegations abroad through Union.

Soyuz Russian-Chinese House of friendship and cooperation "
Soyuz Russian-Chinese House of friendship and cooperation "