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The South Node in Aquarius in contrast to the North Node, represents a place of release, where we need to let go, where we’re coming from and so has associations with the past.This suggest that if you find yourself stuck in a rut, unenthusiastically going round in what appear to be ever decreasing circles then perhaps it’s time for an adventure, to develop a new, broader perspective and again, to explore life away from your familiar, regular routine and circle.

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Have you ever watched the collision of two planets?

This is a powerful chance to redefine your values and after Saturn left Sagittarius just before Christmas, it comes with the power to stick to anything you put your mind to.

This comes just as having Mars in Sagittarius is fuelling your passions and fighting spirit.

While the North Node points to the future and represents an area to move towards, embrace and develop, the South Node represents a place of release, where you need to let go, where you’re coming from and so is associated with the past.