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She has silky blonde hair, golden tan skin, gorgeous blue eyes, sharp features, 36DD breasts, a sleek stomach, a big plump ass, and very long sexy legs.

The sight of her walking around in even very conservative clothes would give me an instant boner.

I moved her around in numerous positions and took hundreds of pictures before I decided it was enough.

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But I thought better of it, I wanted to fuck her when she was sober.

I took her hand and stuck her finger in her pussy and took a picture of it.

She was the captain of her school’s volleyball team, swim team, gymnastics team and she was the head cheerleader.

Needless to say she was very popular and got a lot of interest from boys.

We have always had a pretty playful and open relationship which resulted in a lot of childish games. I wrestled her to the ground and relentless started tickling her.