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However, for voluntary selfregulated practitioners there are no legal sanctions against practitioners who fail to meet these standards (302).The Government’s Command Paper Enabling Excellence (February 2011) stated that the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) was to be given new powers to accredit voluntary registers of health professionals who are currently not regulated by statute.

A number of other disciplinary groups of non-medically trained CAM practitioners are registered under the banner of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

CNHC has put into place the policies and procedures necessary for an effective running of a regulatory body, including an on-line multi-disciplinary register that opened in January 2009 (305).

The United Kingdom (UK) entered the European Union in 1973 (11) and consists of England, Wales, Scotland (who together make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland (11).

UK became a founding member of the Council of Europe from (12).

A number of private health insurance companies cover some CAM treatments in their policies but many private insurance companies will only reimburse treatments carried out by statutorily regulated practitioners.