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Even during Muslim rule in India Muslim migration to this country was insignificant.

Perhaps strict implementation of Hindu scriptures based code was the main reason behind the indifference of the community towards settling in Nepal.

1853 for strict implementation of the caste order based on Hindu social code, which listed the Muslims in the category of impure and untouchables.

In fact the people of Nepal tolerated the Muslims known as (barbarians) with restrictions to the extent that only “raw and dry eatables” were acceptable from their hands. The Muslims of Nepal strictly followed the Nepal Code of 1853 and accepted their lower social status as loyal citizens and accordingly maintained a very low and profile under the Hindu Monarchy system of governance.

(Article of Marc Gaborieau 1972 in ‘Muslim community of South Asia’, Edited by T. It may be interesting to note that even after their long presence in Nepal during the monarchy there was hardly any significant communal problem in the kingdom.

Living in Hindu scriptures-based cultural milieu and related social environment for centuries they accepted the situation as it was.

Rest of 97 % is settled in Terai region mostly bordering India along Bihar and U. Although Muslim conquest of northern India had undermined the centuries old rigid anti-Muslim policy in the kingdom to some extent, the sliding decline of Mogul Empire prompted successive rulers to maintain its Hindu character.