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Company literature also touted a laminated cream pickguard. The tuning key ratio on the T-20 was described as 24:1, while the tuners on the other basses were 22:1.

What’s more, the T-20 had a new bridge instead of the die-cast monsters seen on the earlier twosome.

The neck and body of the new bass were, of course, manufactured in the same manner as the T-40 and T-45, and its scale was also 34 inches.

When it was first introduced, the April 1, 1982 price list noted that the T-20 was available with a “selected hardwood” body and a 21-fret maple neck.

That particular color scheme on the T-20 may have delighted budget-minded bassists who aspired to emulate Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. The first bass listed in the Impact Series was the Fury.

Not only did the Fury itself look familiar, its description was almost identical to the T-20, but literature also referred to the Fury’s “select hardwood Naturalite body design” and “Graphlon top nut.” This time, the pickguard was noted as a black/white/black laminate, which is what the T-20 shown here has.

Both instruments had the industry-standard scale of 34″.