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"She's an independent woman and I love that about her," he says. I'm a New York, Miami dude, and I lived in London for a while. I remembered meeting her on a plane from Miami to New York 18 years ago.

The nightclub impresario spoke with about meeting his wife some 18 years ago, dating famous women (Nia Long? I didn't even want to be with anyone when I first came here, but after talking to her on the phone a couple of times I was like, 'Wow I remember her.

the only reason Apollo is "clean" is because he's been incarcerated for the last six years. That's how I really feel about the statements that come out of her mouth. How do you feel about the other castmates? I've been around Sheree a few times and she's always cordial. I could be around Ne Ne, she could definitely be my homegirl.

My point to her was I'm a grown man and I have five kids, and there's really nothing wrong with it.

I would understand if she was like 22 and getting married but as old as she is saying that...

) and how he really feels about the "RHo A" castmates, especially Phaedra Parks. She's cool and she's beautiful.' When we met again I was happy man. Cynthia hasn't been shy about her reservations towards marriage. THOMAS: I've heard about Cynthia Bailey for the last 21 years of my life.