Sinfest not updating 20 questions dating couples

While there are a few things in this strip that don't work for me, what does work more than make up for it.

I love God's hand puppets (and the other religious figures that appear) and the strips with the dog and cat.

Tatsuya Ishida's daily strip has become one of the world's most-read and longest-running webcomics.

(Out of context, it probably wouldn't make much sense.)This is, in context, one of the most romantic moments ever. I went back and looked at the last couple of days, it adds a little, but dude's digging down to hell that's pretty damn epic all on it's own.

(Out of context, it probably wouldn't make much sense.) I'm not sure what context is missing, dude's digging down to hell for a girl who thinks she'll never see him again. It may enhance your enjoyment to know that Criminy (the dude doing the digging) is without question the nicest, most innocent human character in the strip.

Sinfest is rude, crude, and definitely full of 'tude' but it is also extremely witty, fresh, and outright funny.[return][return]Anyone who's read the strips online has no reason not to have these giggles at their fingertips :)I'm a big fan of Sinfest.

Ishida's art is fantastic, and the comics are usually spot on.

Sinfest doesn't get over my "follow this comic" Good Strip to Bad Strip ratio, but I must admit, when it's good, it's REALLY GOOD. Sinfest was one of the first webcomics I started following, back in the days when just having a webcomic with a regular update schedule and art that didn't suck made you a big deal in the online world, and a two-year archive was considered enormous.