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Now just update the Application_Begin Request method as, Note that I am calling Request.

These flags are automatically set if you call Http Request. Now run the above application again(don't forget to append query string in the url) with the same settings(i.e, request Validation Mode="2.0" setting in web.config and Application_Begin Request method in cs), your application will run just fine. Validate Input method will internally set certain flags(discussed above).

Name Object Collection Base class contains _entries Array, _entries Table, Name Object Entry. Value fields which granular request validation uses internally. When the break point inside Application_Begin Request method hits then add the following expression in quick watch window, You will see the following screen, Now Press F5 so that the second breakpoint inside Home Controller. When the second breakpoint hits then add the following expression in quick watch window again, You will see the following screen, First screen shows that _entries Table field is of type System. Hashtable and _entries Array field is of type System. Array List during the Begin Request phase of the HTTP request.

Form properties are of type Name Value Collection which is inherited from the Name Object Collection Base class. Lazily Validating Hashtable and _entries Array type is changed to Microsoft.

The interface is an interactive editor: changes to the html source result in interactive revalidation.

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