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Cardinal Pell was pressed over the way he personally dealt with cases of abuse, in particularly that of the Foster family, whose two daughters were repeatedly raped by Melbourne priest Kevin O'Donnell from when they were as young as five years old.

One of the daughters died of a medication overdose in 2008 at the age of 26, while the other daughter became a binge drinker and is now mentally and physically disabled.

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As an expression of solidarity, I gave that limited support," he said."I had a principle that any time I was asked to go to court on behalf of one of my parishioners I generally did and I always said, 'I'm here just to say that there is a good side to this person and I support them to the extent that is compatible with justice'."I certainly never intended to...

aid and abet or to dodge the issues."He says he did not realise the insult this would be to the victims.

The father, Anthony Foster, has said that when he met with Cardinal Pell to air his concerns, he showed a "sociopathic lack of empathy" towards the case of his daughters.

The Fosters have since received a $750,000 payout after going to court to seek compensation. "The Church paid out $100,000 for counselling for the Fosters, and that was money well spent," Cardinal Pell said.

He was asked how he is able to stay in a $30 million "palace" in Rome, when Australian victims of abuse are limited to just $75,000 in compensation. I have two nice rooms there which I'm very happy about. "Many of the victims aren't particularly interested in money.