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One of the first to focus on fashion and beauty was Style Coalition, which started as a blogging network.

As the influencer marketing landscape evolved, so did the company.

While The 8 does work with some larger influencers, from Usher to Kristina Bazan, it's focused on bridging the gap between brands and microinfluencers, and even what Fennessy calls "nanoinfluencers" or, basically, consumers. "The idea that a woman has a job and on her way to work she can just earn another $20, $30, get offers, share them out with her friends, really empower herself, I think, is an exciting thing," she says.

As much as brands, professional influencers and, in some cases, regular people might stand to benefit from using these platforms, they're controversial.

In the early days of influencer marketing, Ziv explains, "brands were asking for measurements and there was nothing — no third-party tool — that you could just subscribe to, so we built it on our own."Another influencer platform, Fohr Card, is similarly technology-focused and provides a number of tools that members — anyone can join for free — and brands can use.