Windows form control validating validated

Anyway, thanks for helping this old dog learn a new trick. to prevent the user from moving away from the text box.

The answer was to create one Error Provider for each control needing validation (vs. Which means that she can only get to the OK button when the text box was validated to be okay.

Comment/question: Was there any design issue with adopting Web Forms validation (awesome), to Windows Forms?

There seems to be a document in MSDN that shows how to (and I think is where I'll need to painfully go or see what happens if I use multiple forms), dated....early 2004...maybe if not part of the release...a downloadable update? If I'm not, well, then after reading the MSDN doc I mention, circa 2004, even then it was already realized that it just isn't a "solution" at all. url=/library/en-us/dnforms/html/winforms03162004I guess what I expected was sort of an ASP.

My expectation level (again based on was to simply "wire" a validation control to a templated control in say, a grid column..I know it won't be that way based on what I've gone through so far.... Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.